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Proof of Meme (POM)

Mining Mechanism


Meme Chicks NFTs will serve as the primary mechanism for mining our utility token, "Gold Nugget" which is essential for participating in our NFT War Gambling games.

To initiate the mining process for "Gold Nugget" here are the steps to follow:

  1. Stake your Meme Chicks NFTs for a minimum duration of 7 days. After this period, you will have the flexibility to unstake them at any time, provided you allow for a 3-day thawing period.


This process ensures that users who have Meme Chicks NFTs can actively participate in the mining of "Gold Nugget" tokens, adding value to their engagement with our platform.

Similar to Bitcoin Mining 

Much like the process of Bitcoin mining, our system operates by rewarding users who have staked Meme Chicks NFTs with the opportunity to mine a new batch of 36 tokens every 6 hours. The more NFTs you have staked, the higher your chances of successfully mining the elusive "Gold Nugget" token.


The selection of the winning address for each batch of "Gold Nugget" tokens is determined through a random number generator, the earned tokens are promptly sent to the user's designated address.

A Telegram bot will provide real-time updates every 6 hours, displaying information about each newly mined batch of "Gold Nugget" tokens along with the corresponding mining address.

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First Utility:
Our primary use case for "
Gold Nugget" involves it serving as the preferred currency for transactions within our NFT gambling game, "War." In this exciting game, participants select an NFT as their wager, and the ultimate winner is determined through a random dice roll ranging from 1 to 1000. The fortunate individual who rolls the highest number will be rewarded with both NFTs involved in the wager.

Second Utility: 

Furthermore, "Gold Nugget" holders that stake their tokens will enjoy an additional benefit, as they will receive a 15% share of the platform's Jackpot payouts. These Jackpots are distributed whenever a player successfully rolls the number 777 in a dice roll ranging from 1 to 1000. This presents a significant opportunity for passive income, adding to the appeal of holding "Gold Nugget" tokens.

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